Prudentia Legal

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Sirs,


We are very pleased that we chose NEO UNIVERSE to set up our office data and voice networks consisting of 10 computers and 15 phones, including inter-office connectivity with our overseas site.

NEO UNIVERE was diligent in getting the ball rolling to help us to improve our working efficiency. The business IP phone system was a fantastic idea as it offered us all the features we always wanted to have and we saved much on local and international phone bills. The 2 monitor solution was also a great idea as it helped me a lot when working with multiple documents at the same time. We were amazed by how fast and efficient everything was done. We really felt we have been and continue to be supported and taken care of.

So far, our office data network and business phone system are performing very well and we could not happier with the price. If we could do it all over again–we would still choose NEO UNIVERE –IT PROFESSIONALS

Thanks to Alexey and Seven and the entire NEO UNIVERE team.

Yours Faithfully

Yuan(Grace) GU



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